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Ultra Fine
Works exactly the same as Enviromesh but with smaller holes it also excludes flea beetle. Enables you to grow fruit and vegetables free from insect damage including flea beetle damage. Excellent for screening vents and doors on your greenhouse.

Enviromesh 'Ultra Fine' is a very fine mesh netting woven from u.v. stabilised polyethylene. The mesh size is 0.8 x 0.8mm. The netting is very durable with a life expectancy of at least 10 years.

The Problem
Agralan Enviromesh is widely used as a crop cover for control of insect pests. While control of most pests is complete, it may not give adequate protection against high populations of flea beetle.

The Product
Flea beetle damage is normally only a serious problem in the seedling and young plant stage. Long term covering (more than 8 weeks ) is not recommended. Light weight (17g) fleece will also protect against flea beetle, but the poor ventilation may encourage disease and on delicate crops wind 'rubbing' may damage the crop. Using Enviromesh 'Ultra-Fine' reduces these risks. It is also considerably more durable and will last 7 - 10 years.

Enviromesh 'Ultra-Fine' is also likely to give better protection against Thrips and leaf miners.

Use of Enviromesh 'Ultra-Fine'
Always cover immediately after transplanting or sowing a crop allowing sufficient slack for crop growth. Covering will not protect from damage by flea beetles emerging under the netting. Do not grow crops on land that has grown an infected crop within the previous six months and destroy, bury or remove plant debris from previous susceptible crops.

Enviromesh 'Ultra-Fine' may be secured by burying the edges, weighing down with 'sand bags' or with Tri-Pegs.

Insect screening
Enviromesh Ultra-fine may also be used to screen glasshouse doors and vents to exclude insects.

May be washed at low temperatures using a mild detergent.

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