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Ref: Envirotect
{Description}The benefits are similar to 17g garden fleece but it is much stronger, easier to handle and has a life expectancy of 5 years! Made from woven strips of a very soft polyethylene.

Under very cold conditions, early Potatoes may require more protection than is provided by a single layer of Thermacrop. It is therefore preferable to use 30g Fleece on early potatoes. Frost protection is dependant on some moisture being present on the Thermacrop. If it is very dry and frost is expected, spray the material with a fine mist of water

{How to use}
Vegetables and salads - cover the crop immediately after sowing or planting and secure the Thermacrop on all sides always allow some slack to allow the crop to grow.

Reseeding lawns
When reseeding patches or larger areas, cover with Thermacrop immediately after sowing. This protects against birds and conserves moisture, giving quicker and more even germination.

When to remove
Crops should not remain covered for more than six to eight weeks. Potatoes may be covered until the danger of frost has passed. When covering crops which depend on insects for pollination it should be removed during flowering. For long term protection of crops it is recommended to use "AGRALAN ENVIROMESH". Melons and courgettes will benefit from long term covering with Envirotect as they appreciate a more humid environment.

When the Thermacrop is removed the plants may suffer "shock". To minimise this effect remove the cover only during mild conditions, not during periods of bright sunlight or low temperatures.

Re-use of Thermacrop
If handled with care it may be re-used many times. If the material becomes dirty, light penetration will be reduced. Please note that Thermacrop may be washed at low temperatures, using a mild detergent.

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