Raspberry Beetle

Raspberry Beetle Trap

Raspberry Beetle Trap

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{Description}Raspberry beetle (Byturus tomentosus) is a pest of raspberries and will also damage blackberries and loganberries.

The adult beetle is inconspicuous, about 4mm long and dark brown in colour. It overwinters in the soil, emerging from April to early June.

It feeds on leaves, flower buds and pollen, then laying up to 120 eggs in individual flowers. On hatching the larvae feed inside the developing fruit and are often found in the raspberries at picking.
{How it Works}
The Raspberry beetle trap allows you to detect early signs of the beetle with its funnel trap designed to catch and kill adult beetles as they emerge from the soil in the spring. The large off-white vanes combined with a floral attractant lure act as a "super raspberry flower" that is irresistible to the beetles and draws them into the trap, permanently removing them from your crop.
{When to Use}
Place 1m above ground 4-6 weeks before the first flowering during April to July. 2 replacement lures required every normal raspberry season (6 weeks)

One lure will be suitable to cover this period. However with later flowering hybrid berries e.g. Loganberries, or autumn fruiting raspberries, a second replacement attractant lure is recommended.
{Area Protected}
Each trap protects 50sqm.


Raspberry Beetle Trap



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