Sawfly Traps

Apple Sawfly Traps Pk5

Apple Sawfly Traps Pk5

  • Product Code: AST5

{Description}Help for controlling sawfly on apples and plums. The sawfly is active from late April-May (blossom time). They are 4-5 mm long; the head and thorax are blackish brown.

They lay eggs at the base of the flowers. After petal fall, the eggs hatch and the larvae bore into the core of the fruitlets, and this feeding damage causes affected fruit to drop in early summer.

How to Use
Remove the protective cover paper from the white sticky traps and suspend them 1 trap per tree.

The trap will stay sticky and last for several months but if more than half the surface gets covered with sawfly and dust it is recommend that they should be replaced.

When to Use
The traps should be in place early April until June.

Trapping and monitoring adults allow accurate detection of the pest population and therefore accurate timing of pest control applications.


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