Strawberry Mats

Strawberry Mats

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Strawberry Mats

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Slug & Snail fabric that has been impregnated with a special formulation containing copper. Used by professional growers in the constant battle against slugs and snails
When slugs and snails attempt to move onto the fabric they feel discomfort and either move off or stay still. Ensure the fabric is kept clear of debris and no leaves are overhanging past the fabric.

Safe for pets, wildlife and children. The fabric can be reused many times

Where to use
Protects susceptible plants including hostas, patio plants, strawberries, lettuce and vegetables

Under Pots:
Place under pots and ensure there is a 10-15cm (4-6 inches) barrier around the pot.

How to use
Lay the dark side facing upwards

Ensure the following when laying down the fabric:

Slugs and snails are removed from plants to be protected

Plants in pots - remove any slugs or snails within the pot. They are usually found in clumps near to the edge of pots.

Do not allow plant leaves to hang over the edge of the fabric as slugs and snails could move onto the plant without going onto the fabric

Remove any debris including soil & leaves, as this reduces its effect as a barrier

 Small 11 Inches

Strawberry Mats Small (Pk 6)


Strawberry Mats Small (x20)


 Large 15 inches

Strawberry Mats Large Pk6


Strawberry Mats Large (x20)


Strawberry Mats Large (x50)


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